Iced Coffee at Home - Made Easy!

Need a quick and easy recipe for Iced Coffee at home?

You don't need a lot of preparation for this little gem.  

Ingredients: Ice cubes, 4 cups of strong coffee or espresso, Milk or cream
(cheat day recipe if you wish)

Brew 4 cups of coffee.
Fill up a tall glass with as many ice cubes as you can fit.
The glass must be suitable for both hot and cold liquids because when you first pour the coffee into the glass it will be hot.
The coffee you will be using must be strong because the ice cubes will dilute it, however you can allow the coffee to cool slightly.
You can use a stronger coffee like espresso or simply brew a strong pot of coffee to your personal taste preference. It is better to add the milk or cream before adding the coffee, but if you are unsure about how much to use, you can simply add it in after.
Pour the coffee onto the ice cubes filling up the entire glass.

Stir your beautifully prepared masterpiece and serve with a straw if you wish.


Don Massimo Coffee Ashby, Western Australia