Vanilla Sparkle Coffee Body Scrub
Do you love coffee? Do you love to shimmer and sparkle? Then the 'Vanilla Sparkle Coffee Body Scrub' is the coffee scrub for you! With aromas of vanilla and raspberry (yum!) and using all-natural sparkly mica this shimmer scrub is unlike any...
Coconut & Arabica Coffee Body Scrub
The 'Coconut Coffee Body Scrub' smells like the 2 best things in the world... coffee & summer! Not only that, it helps your skin look & feel ready for summer. Coconut oil is is super moisturising so this scrub is especially great...
Original Arabica Coffee Body Scrub
Do you love coffee? Because coffee will love your body. Let it show you how by using the 'Original Coffee Body Scrub'. The ingredients found in all of our coffee scrubs, such as; ground Arabica coffee, pink Himilayan salt & coconut oil;...
Peppermint & Arabica Coffee Body Scrub
Look and feel minty fresh with the 'Peppermint Coffee Body Scrub', which contains both peppermint leaves and peppermint essential oil which are known to fight infections, soothe muscle pain and brighten the skin. Plus, the ingredients found in all of our coffee...
Citrus & Arabica Coffee Body Scrub
The 'Citrus Coffee Body Scrub' smells wonderfully fruity, and contains a blend of fruit peel powders with lime, orange & bergamot essential oils. These ingredients are known to soothe acne prone skin and reduce oil production, so this body scrub is perfect for...
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