What Are Don Massimo Exclusives?

These are products we represent directly and distribute to a range of wholesale customers.

Check out our exclusives and the special offers we have for wholesale customers.

No Ordinary Oat Milk

Made by coffee people, for coffee people

This one's designed to work with your coffee. It's not watery, It's not trying to be the star of the show. It's simply the best dairy substitute your coffee can ask for.

This is No Ordinary Oat Milk indeed

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No Ordinary Almond Milk

No Ordinary Almond Milk is specifically designed for coffee (BARISTA GRADE)

Similarly strong performance as our well-known Oat Milk

Made by coffee people, for coffee people

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No Ordinary Ice Tea

No Ordinary Ice Tea Isn't like the other ice teas.

We are low in sugar, free from plastic, naturally flavoured and as delicious as can be.

Did we mention the added benefits of Vitamin B, C and E + Antioxidants?

We are No Ordinary Ice Tea indeed

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All Aussie Sweet Treats

Uniquely flavoured homemade marshmallows.

It’s about bringing pleasure and happiness to people in a bite sized treat.

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Brightside Coffee

Whether you’re a home roaster or a home-brewer, Brightside Coffee guarantees you amazing tasting beans from ethically sourced locations. Good for your taste buds and good for our farming buds.

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Filament Coffee

Smooth, Rich and Bold Cold Brew. Never Watery and Never Bitter.

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