Don Massimo Coffee is a family owned business established from a family dream.

Don Massimo is my dad, a hardworking father who always had the dream of owning his own coffee farm to process premium coffee in Colombia. Nestled in the hills of Fredonia, within Medellin’s famous Colombian coffee plantations, Don Massimo discovered an old farm with strong history of producing high quality coffee but had since been long abandoned. Over the years Don Massimo took his time and efforts to re-establish the farm to now providing high quality Colombian coffee for everyday people to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. Don Massimo Coffee is very passionate about coffee and the experience; whether you prefer filtered coffee, pod coffee or stove top coffee, we want to make sure that you can enjoy it whichever way you like it every day. We also want to make sure that you enjoy it in an eco-friendly way; focusing a portion of our products as an option to help with the impact on the environment within the current coffee industry. Our coffee is produced without the use of pesticides. It’s hand-picked by locals, hand-washed using our fresh spring water waterfall and roasted onsite which allows the aroma to be undiluted, so we ensure that when you open Don Massimo Coffee beans you are tasting the freshness of Colombia.

Eco-Friendly For A Sustainable Future

We at Don Massimo Coffee are eco-friendly. From the stainless steel filters that accompany our Chemex pots, the reusable coffee pods that reduce landfill or even the way that our coffee is grown and manufactured. We want to limit the impact on our environment so we all have a brighter future ahead of us.

Your products will arrive in a biodegradable mailing bag - We also work from our home, which has solar panels to help reduce our carbon-footprint!

Being Eco-Friendly isn't just about the products we sell and promote - Its also about the lifestyle we live!
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