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Why Did We Start Don Massimo Coffee?

A Family Business Started as a Tribute

Don Massimo is my father, a hard working man who always dreamed of starting his own coffee farm in Medellin, a city in the midst of the Colombian coffee industry.

After years of searching, he finally found the perfect farm to buy - an old farm with a rich history of producing the highest quality of coffee. Hard work was put into that farm to restore it back to its full potential and help to continue on the legacy of producing that same quality coffee it was known for.

We started Don Massimo Coffee as a tribute to him and to help people experience pure Colombian coffee in the comfort of their homes.

Don Massimo Coffee is grown on our farm - we don't go to distributors or resellers, we grow our own coffee. It is cultivated by local experts in coffee and delivered to your door to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Our coffee is uniquely different to the coffee that other places are selling. We don't roast our coffee in Australia, in fact its roasted in the place that it is grown - Fredonia, outside of Medellin in Colombia. 

Our coffee is hand-picked and washed in natural spring water, dried in sunlight and grown without the use of pesticides. 

So when you purchase our coffee, not only are you supporting a family business and the locals that we employ at our farm, but you are purchasing pure Colombian Coffee fresh from our farm to your home or office.

"Hands Down The Best Coffee I've Ever Had. Consistently Smooth"


"Fantastic Coffee"


"I Have Never Tasted Coffee That Was So Good Before. Excellent Taste. It's Replaced My Usual Morning Coffee"


"I got the Dark Roast Blend, it was the smoothest coffee I have ever had! Loved it so much that I ordered a kilo straight away. Usually it's so hard to find great coffee but not anymore"


"This Is Real Colombian Coffee"


Eco Friendly For A Sustainable Future

We at Don Massimo Coffee are eco-friendly.  From the stainless steel filters that accompany our Chemex pots, the reusable coffee pods that reduce landfill or even the way that our coffee is grown and manufactured.  We want to limit the impact on our environment so we all have a brighter future ahead of us.

Your products will arrive in a biodegradable mailing bag - We also work from our home, which has solar panels to help reduce our carbon-footprint!

Being Eco-Friendly isn't just about the products we sell and promote - Its also about the lifestyle we live! 

Don Massimo Coffee Ashby, Western Australia