A Partnership Built For Our Wholesale Customers

We've been looking for ways to help our customers and make payments more flexible for you.

That's why we've partnered with Butn as part of our new Wholesale features.

Butn offers transactional funding products to help businesses manage cashflow and provide them faster access to their money.

Introducing Butn Pay with Don Massimo Coffee

A fee free way for you to get access to Pay In Four terms on all your orders.

Read on to find out more

Who Is Butn?

Butn is already used by many of Australia’s largest B2B marketplaces, across a range of industries. Since 2015 we’ve processed over $1 Billion worth of funding.

Imagine how quickly a business can innovate, compete and grow if its cashflow is instant and secure.

Through our unique platform, we’re able to do exactly that; instantly approving finance, purchases, invoices and commissions.

With seamless back-end integration, tailored products and a brilliantly simple customer experience, Butn gives businesses access to a revolutionary cashflow service.

What is Butn Pay?

What other wholesaler is offering you flexible terms like our partnership with Butn - none?

We've partnered to allow customers to get access to the best product in the market that will help them balance their budget without any extra fees!

Butn Pay allows you to place any order with us and spread out the payments over four payments - think of it as Buy Now, Pay Later but for businesses!

  • Access extended payment terms

    By splitting your invoice into 4 equal payments over 60 days, you gain better control over your financial resources, assisting you with your working capital requirements.

  • Improved business relationships

    Butn Pay enables you to pay your suppliers in a timely manner without the pressure of a single, immediate payment, fostering stronger and more collaborative relationships.

  • Grow your business faster

    By spreading out your payments you can allocate your capital strategically, seizing growth opportunities and expanding your business with confidence.

Fee Free Only With Don Massimo Coffee

When you sign up for Butn Pay with Don Massimo Coffee you'll not only get access to a flexible line of credit, you'll also get to use Butn Pay Fee Free with every purchase you make with Don Massimo Coffee!*

That's a saving you can't get anywhere else!

Questions About Butn Pay

How Do I Sign Up to Butn Pay?

Fill In the form and a consultant from Butn will get in contact with you.

Can I Use Butn Pay with other business?

You Can - but the fee free option of Butn Pay is only available with purchases with Don Massimo Coffee.

How Do I Use Butn Pay with Don Massimo Coffee?

When you're ready to place an order, get in contact with us at wholesale@donmassimocoffee.com.au and we'll help you through the process

Can you help me with the application?

All questions regarding your Butn application need to be referred to Butn. Our team are unable to assist you with any enquiries about this.