Pallet Deal FAQ's

Read through our frequently asked questions to understand our Pallet Storage Deal and Pallet Offer - noting they are two separate offerings.

If you have any questions after reading through this, contact us at!

What is the Pallet Storage Deal?

The Pallet Storage Deal is an option for our wholesale customers who want to get bulk discounts but don't have the storage space to store it all. You buy a pallet of milk and we deliver stock when you require it - no need to have storage space at your venue, we've taken care of it. This system is designed as a reservation system for stock - you pre-pay for the stock you need and get it when you need individual cartons.

What is the Pallet Offer?

The Pallet Offer is different to our Pallet Storage Deal. Under this product we organise the transport of a full pallet to your venue as is. We do not store the pallet for you and you need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment to take this pallet off our courier (fork lift, set up loading dock). This system is designed so that you receive full pallets delivered to you.

How many cartons are included on a pallet?

We sell a variety of different products under this system - have a read below to understand what is included in your order:

  • Alternative Dairy Co Oat: 80 x Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 1L
  • Alternative Dairy Co Almond:  80 x Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 1L
  • Alternative Dairy Co Soy:  80 x Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 1L
  • MilkLab Almond: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 8 x 1L
  • MilkLab Oat: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 8 x 1L
  • MilkLab Soy: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 8 x 1L
  • MilkLab Macadamia: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 8 x 1L
  • MilkLab Coconut: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 8 x 1L
  • MilkLab Lactose Free: 90 x Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 1L
  • MilkLab Dairy: 90 x Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 1L
  • No Ordinary Oat Milk: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 6 x 1L
  • Happy Happy Soy Boy: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 6 x 1L
  • Bonsoy Soy Milk: 120 x Cartons | Carton Size: 6 x 1L
  • No Ordinary Ice Tea - Hawkes Bay Peach: 171 Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 330ml
  • No Ordinary Ice Tea - Bay of Plenty Raspberry: 171 Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 330ml
  • No Ordinary Ice Tea - Passionfruit: 171 Cartons | Carton Size: 12 x 330ml

I'm interested in a split pallet - is that possible?

The great thing about our system is that we can offer split pallets - that allows you to mix and match the products you need and still get great savings. Please note that split pallets may incur a $50 charge. Split pallets are only available for the same type of products and there are some exclusions that do apply - you need to contact us prior to placing an order.

I'm interested in doing a payment plan - how do we organise this?

Payment plans can be arranged for multiple pallets and require a credit card to be held on file as part of the payment plan.

Please note that as of 1st January 2024 we have implemented new fees on payment plans due to a number of issues in the past and apply to new customers:

  • Dishonour Fee: $25 per payment - this is charged when the credit card on file declines the transaction (only charged after a second attempt)
  • 2% Payment Plan Fee: Charged on-top of the pallet price on each instalment. This will be listed separately on each invoice.

Payment Plans for pallet buys can be organised as below:

  • 2 - 4 Pallets: Up to 4 Payments over 4 Weeks
  • 5 - 8 Pallets: Up to 6 Payments over 6 Weeks
  • 9 or More Pallets: Up to 8 Payments over 8 Weeks

Please Note The Following Below:

  • We reserve the right to decide the terms and conditions of the payment plans that we offer
  • We reserve the right to decide if we offer a payment plan.
  • Payment plans are only available on pallet storage deals and not pallet offers.
  • We only allow for payment plans to be set up with a valid credit card on file. If you choose not to have a credit card on file we will not be able to offer a payment plan.

My payment declined on a payment plan, what happens?

We'll attempt to retake the payment the next business day. However due to issues in the past if we are unable to take a payment again we may choose not to fulfil orders until the payment has been made. When setting up a payment plan ensure you choose a day of the week when payments can be taken. 

How do I place an order?

After you have purchased your pallet we will set you up with an account on our website. This will be the quickest way for you to place an order. 

If you are purchasing a pallet offer for delivery then you can place an order at any time online - we will let you know when we will organise delivery.

I have multiple locations - how will this work?

That' fine - once you have purchased a pallet we will set you up an account on our website. When checking out on your account you will need to specify the delivery address. However if you wish to have separate accounts for each location let us know and we can set that up for you.

How long does account set up take?

We are currently working on a 24 to 48 hour time frame for account set ups - please be patient with us as we set this up and be mindful of this when placing an order. Whilst we will try our best to ensure your account is set up within this time frame there may be delays to account set up - make sure all information is completed in your wholesale application form.

I haven't received an account activation email?

We will send account activation emails to your email address on file. Check your junk mail as well. If you still can't find it email us at

The pricing on my account looks wrong - whats happening?

Mistakes happen. When placing a pallet storage deal order the products that you have placed an order for (alternative milks) should appear on our website as $0 when you are logged into your account. First check to see if you are logged into your account. If you are and the pricing still looks wrong, email us at from the email address attached to the account and we will endeavour to fix it within 24 hours.

I want to order a full pallet for delivery - can I do this with your system?

Unfortunately the Pallet Storage Deal is separate to pallet deliveries. Our Pallet Storage Deal is not designed to be a straight pallet delivery - if you require a Pallet of milk to be delivered in full please visit our Pallet Collection page on our website. These include shipping. You'll be able to purchase a pallet delivered straight to you from there.

What information do I need to provide for Pallet Deliveries?

When placing an order for pallet deliveries you need to provide us with information such as where you loading dock is and if you have a forklift on site. Always provide us with as much information as possible, it will help to ensure there are no delays.

What days do you do pallet deliveries?

Currently we operate pallet deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However we are moving to a Monday to Friday system. 

Can I purchase a pallet on a subscription?

Yes - we can organise a subscription for you so that you can get a set amount of pallets per month. These subscriptions are completed separate to your account (there is an integration issue with our wholesale plug in and subscription app that prevents it from working) and a credit card will need to be held.

Monthly plans provide you with a 5% discount on pallet deals however please note these come with a twelve month commitment and we are unable to alter these plans.

I operate a business regionally - can I get this offer?

Unfortunately due to logistically reasons, this offer is only available to customers in the Perth metro area. If you live in a regional area please visit our Pallet Collection page on your website.

Note: if you require us to deliver a pallet to be delivered to freight forwarding company then you will be able to complete check out on the spot and we will deliver the pallet to your freight forwarder on the date specified. If you require us to ship the pallet to you and you do not have a freight forwarder you will need to contact us at for a quote.

Are there any additional terms and conditions with the Pallet Storage Offer that I need to know?

Yes - we've implemented a number of terms and conditions on the Pallet Storage Offer due to abuse in the past so please read below to better understand:

When you purchase a pallet through our Pallet Storage Deal you agree to the following terms:

  • That the products you purchase as part of the Pallet Storage Offer is for food service use only and that it will only be utilised within the premises registered as part of your wholesale system.
  • That the purpose of the Pallet Storage Offer is to supply you with products that will last a reasonable period of time and you agree that we may place limitations on the number of cartons that you receive at any given time if we believe you are abusing this offering.
  • That you agree that the delivery of products is reasonable for your day to day operations meaning that your order as part of this offer is not excessive and is reasonable. That unless we agree a maximum of ten units per line will be shipped to you per week to your venue.
  • That the products you purchase as part of the Pallet Storage Offer are not for resale to any other venue unless we agree in writing. Resale includes to other businesses including food service and retailers. 
  • That this is a food service offering and is not available to Grocery Stores or Retailers. 
  • That this offer is sold as a pallet offer but supplied by the carton. Should your order require a pallet delivery it will be refused.
  • That you agree that all sales are final and there is no change of mind policy on this offering.
  • That we reserve the right in the future, after you have depleted stock on your pallet, to refuse future Pallet Storage Offers or place additional terms and conditions on this offering to your business.
  • That if we discover you breach any terms and conditions that we reserve the right to hold your stock and refuse to fulfil any further orders for you. This means that if you breach any terms and conditions you forfeit your current stock levels and receive no refunds on unused portions of your Pallet Storage Offer.
  • That if you wish to ask any questions regarding your Pallet Storage Offer that you direct these to including any disputes.