We Have Fixed Our Subscription Product To Make It So Much Better!

We Listened To Your Feedback and Redeveloped Our Subscription Offering

Since launching our subscription service we've serviced over 100 customers and taken more and more feedback from our customers about our offering.

You love the prices we offer

You hate some other things

Have a read through this page to understand the changes we've made to our subscription offering so you have a better experience!

Here Are The Things We Know Have Been An Issue

We've heard your concerns, we know that dispatch of orders has been slow in the past and in some instances that orders we're arriving correctly or being missed altogether. These are issues that we've worked around the clock to make sure are addressed but we need to work harder to make sure that yo have the highest confidence in what we do.

What Have We Added To Our Subscriptions

More Alternative Milks

We've added our full range of alternative milks to the platform as well as adding more savings options for those that use more!

Now you can get the milks you like delivered Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Quartlerly!

Image of Razza Raspberry Lemonade (15 x 300ml)

More Everyday Items

From hot sauce to strawberry jam, we've added over a 1000 new products to our subscription platform so you're got more variety!

More To Come

This is the first round of changes that we are making to our platform and we want to continue to roll out new features as they come!

We want to create a subscription offering that is best matched to what our customers want with every single purchase - so we've redeveloped how we offer our subscriptions and improved the offering so you have more confidence in subscribing with us.

Check out below the improvements that we have made to make sure you are confident in your purchase

  • In Five Business Days or You Get $10 Credit

    We'll get your subscription dispatched in five business days or else you get $10 credit for your next order

  • Price Lock From The Entire Time You've Subscribed

    When you sign up for a subscription you'll get it at the same price as long as you stay signed up

  • Free Shipping On Every Single Order, Every Single Time

    Don't pay for shipping - always get free shipping on every single order!

  • Access Your Subscription Information Without A Call

    We're making it easier for you to sign up for a subscription and manage it all online

  • Start At Any Time, End At Any Time

    You can start and end your subscription at any time - just head online

  • Get An Anniversary Gift Every Six Months

    Get an anniversary gift every six months for you to enjoy in addition to your subscription