By making an enquiry or booking with Don Massimo Underground, you agree to the terms and conditions within. Your agreement is made between The Trustee of the Salase-Coletti Family Trust (ABN: 39 385 468 788) as trading as Don Massimo Coffee. 

General Fees and Charges

The following are a list of fees and charges that we charge as a venue for the hire of our space. Please be aware of these prior to placing a booking and understand the different types. 

Type of Fee

Fee Amount


Venue Hire Fee


Fee charged for the hiring of the venue Don Massimo Underground. Additional fee charged if La Boheme is required as well.

Brand Activation Fee


Charged for Brand Activation Events.

Venue Damage Fee


Fee charged when there are any damages to the venue caused by yourself, contractors or

Event Extension Fee

$50 per 15 minutes

Charged each 15 minutes after your event ends if the event continues past the end time.

Door Charge Fee

10% of ticket sales

Charged per ticket at the door. Remittance advice will be provided on the following Monday after your event for you to invoice us. External payment systems are not accepted.

Equipment Fee


Charged for any additional equipment required that is not currently on premises

Equipment Re-Setup Fee


Fee charged when equipment is not left the way it was provided to you.

Advertising Fees


When you require us to advertise your event for us

Rebooking Fee


Fee charged when you need to book another date within 30 days of your booking.

Excess Cleaning Fee


Fee charged when further cleaning is required by our staff or the removal of items that have been left behind.

Public Holiday Booking Fee


Fee charged when you book the venue on a public holiday.

Storage Fee

$150 per day

Fee charged if equipment that belongs to you is left on our premises after an event has concluded.

Door Person Fee

$25 per hour (minimum four hours)

Fee charged when a door person is required for a ticketed event.

Security Guard Fee

$55 per hour (minimum four hours)

Fee charged when a security guard is required for your event.

Stallholder Fee


Fee charged when we are hosting markets or events in the surrounding area or within La Boheme and Don Massimo Underground

Management Fee


Fee charged when we manage an event on your behalf.

All prices in the above table are inclusive of GST.

Parties that wish to hold regular or on-going events may receive a discount on the Venue Hire Fee if they agree to hold weekly or fortnightly events.


Cancellation Fees

The following are the cancellation fees for your event when you contact us and cancel. This includes no-shows as well.

Cancellation Time Frame

Cancellation Fee

More than 30 Days


Within 30 Days to 7 Days


Within 7 Days


Don Massimo Underground and La Boheme may from time to time need to cancel a booked event due to internal operational needs. In these instances, you will receive a 100% refund on your booking fee.

A 100% cancellation fee will also apply to events booked under false pretences or those events that do not match the description provided.


Conditions of Hire

  • General Terms and Conditions
    • Any bookings for venue hire for Don Massimo Underground or La Boheme are made with The Trustee of the Salase-Coletti Family Trust trading as Don Massimo Coffee.
    • By making a booking with us you agree to the terms and conditions within this document.
    • Any alterations to these terms and conditions that apply to you will be communicated separately.

  • Booking Fees
    • You agree that when you make a booking with us that you pay us a relevant booking fee for hiring the venue.
    • You agree that you will pay this immediately in order to hold your event at our venue.
    • You agree that if you do not pay this booking fee in a timely fashion that we reserve the right to continue to market the date and time you are looking at booking and you may loose your preferred date and time if someone else pays.
    • Payment of booking fee guarantees your preferred time and date.

  • Purpose of Hire
    • You agree that when you hire our venues that you disclose what the event is for.
    • You agree that when you make this disclosure that you are honest about the reason and do not mislead us.
    • We may choose to cancel your event and withhold refunds when you make a dishonest disclosure to us.
    • We may also choose to impose further terms and conditions on your event depending on the type of event you are holding.

  • Events We Do Not Hold
    • Don Massimo Underground and La Boheme will not, under any circumstances, hold any of the following types of events:
      • Birthday Parties
      • Graduation Parties
      • Bucks Nights, Hen Nights or any other type of Engagement Parties
      • Events held by Multi-Level Marketing groups or their representatives
      • Events that promote the sale of products that are illegal or where the sale of such materials is being made with claims that are not substantiated
      • Events that promote the hatred or violence towards others
      • Events that promote the use of drugs
      • Events that are predominately for the consumption of alcohol
      • Any events that we may deem as not being appropriate for our venue

  • Age Restrictions
    • Any event that is being held after 5pm on any day of the week is restricted to 18 years old and over attendance only unless we agree
    • Any events held prior to 5pm are for the attendance of all age groups
    • Any event in which alcohol is consumed is restricted to 18 years and over only.
    • If we impose an age restriction on an event it must be followed. If it is discovered that there are underage patrons at an event we may remove that person or cancel the event.
    • We may, if the consumption of alcohol is to occur, require you to have a dedicated door person at an event at your cost through us. If this occurs, you agree to pay us the associated costs involved.

  • Capacity Limits
    • Our venue has a maximum capacity of 100 people for events that last less than two hours or 75 for events that last less than four hours.
    • You agree that when making a booking you understand the capacity limits and abide by them.
    • You agree that if you make misleading statements or go over the capacity limits that we may cancel your booking.

  • Bond
    • For certain types of events, we may choose to charge you a bond to cover any damages to our venue.
    • This bond will be for the amount of $500 inclusive of GST.

  • Cancellation of Bookings
    • You agree that the following terms and conditions apply to the cancellation of bookings:
      • That when you provide more than 30 day’s notice, you will receive 100% refund
      • That when you provide between 7 days and 30 day’s notice, you will receive a 50% refund on your booking fee.
      • That when you provide less than 7 day’s notice, you will forfeit your booking fee to us.
    • You agree that the cancellation of your booking must be communicated by contacting us at
    • If written communication is not received by these means then we may treat this event as a no-show and the cancellation fee will be treated as 100% of the fee paid.

  • Staffing
    • Our venue is staffed at all times by our employees that are employed by The Trustee of the Salase-Coletti Family Trust trading as Don Massimo Coffee.
    • External staff are no permitted to utilise our facilities or operate within them without prior consent.
      • If consent is provided, we may ask you for details of these contractors for which you need to provided them five business days prior to the event. We may also ask for a copy of your Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.
    • A zero tolerance attitude is taken to abusive or anti-social behaviour towards our employees. If this occurs by either the hirer or the patrons of your event, we reserve the right to cancel any future bookings or cancel your event regardless of whether that event is commencing, in progress or at any other status.

  • External Food and Beverages
    • External food and beverages are not permitted in our venue.
    • Any patron or hirer seen to bring external food and/or beverages into the premises will have this destroyed and may have future events cancelled.
    • We provide food and/or beverages as part of our venue – should you wish to place a special order for something not on the menu you must inform us 14 days prior to your event commencing.

  • Public Liability Insurance
    • When requested and required, we may ask you for a copy of your public liability insurance.
    • If you fail to provide a copy of your public liability insurance prior to an event commencing, we may cancel your event.

  • Decoration
    • Our venues will allow for decorations to be put up as part of your event. It is your responsibility to put up and take down all decorations.
    • If you require our staff to assist, we will charge a $25 per hour fee for the provision of this service.
    • If you do not remove your decorations from our venue, we reserve the right to charge you an excess cleaning fee of $250.

  • Use of PA System
    • We have a PA system available as part of our venue. You agree that you will leave the PA system the way it was presented to you.
    • You agree that if the PA system needs to be put back to the same state for which you received it you will pay us the applicable fees.
    • Should you require additional PA equipment you will let us know and we will bill you accordingly. A minimum of one week’s notice is required.

  • Smoking
    • Smoking is not permitted on the premises including on the alfresco area within La Boheme. Hirers are advised that if staff observe a patron of your event smoking in an area that is designated non-smoking we may ask them to leave.
  • Illegal Activity
    • You agree that when using our venue that your events do not engage in an activity that would be deemed illegal. Such activity will have your event cancelled and a permanent ban issued against you, your group and your patrons.
    • We reserve the right in these instances to involve the Police or our own legal representation.

  • Security and Safety
    • You are responsible for the safety of your guests.
    • If you event requires security, we will provide you with this service and you will need to pay the applicable fee.

  • Pack Up and Pack Down
    • You agree that you have one hour prior to your event commencing to bring your equipment into the venue and set up
    • You agree that you have one hour after your event to remove your equipment from our venue.
    • Should you require more time you will need to advise us in advance however it may not always be possible to facilitate these requests.
    • You may be charged a fee if you require longer than one hour to set up or pack up your equipment on 15 minute intervals.

  • Emergency Services Contacted
    • Should Emergency Services be contacted at any time due to your event, you may be charged an applicable fee. This applies when the reason Emergency Services are contacted due to the conduct of yourself or your guests.
    • If Emergency Services are called, we reserve the right to cancel your event immediately and, depending on the nature of the call out, we may ban you from our venue in the future.
    • You understand that in some circumstances, the nature of the call out from Emergency Services may be outside of your control.
    • You additionally agree that if Emergency Services are contacted, you must not interfere in the operations of our staff to facilitate any reasonable requests from Emergency Services.

  • Discounting
    • Don Massimo Underground and La Boheme may provide discounting to regular bookers (3 or more events per month) or promoters. Such discounting is at our discretion.
    • Discounting is on commercial terms and is not published within these terms and conditions.
    • Don Massimo Underground and La Boheme may offer free venue hire to community groups or Not For Profits on a case by case basis. We may choose to extend such fees to other groups or events.
    • Discounting may be removed at any time and without reason.

  • Payment of Fees and Charges and Non-Payment of Fees
    • The payment of fees and charges are on receipt of invoice.
    • Hirers that are booking multiple events will receive 7 day payment terms and billed on the first day of the month.
    • Non-payment of venue hire fees may result in events being cancelled or times not being held.
    • You agree that when a specific fee or charge applies to you that you will pay these on receipt of invoice.
    • Any unpaid fees or charges may be referred to debt collection.

  • Storage of Equipment
    • Don Massimo Underground and La Boheme are unable to provide storage for equipment.
    • If equipment is left behind after an event has concluded, you will be charged a $150 a day storage fee.

  • Door Fees and Ticketing
    • When you choose to charge a door fee to the entry of your event, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
      • That all door fees charged electronically will be done through a payment system that is provided by us.
      • The fee charged for the use of the system is a flat 10% on all payment processed.
        • This applies to both cash and card payments
      • That we will send you a remittance advice on the Monday following your event and you will invoice us for the amount
      • Invoices will be paid on a 7 day payment term from the date of receiving them.
      • Invoices to be sent to
      • If you fail to send us an invoice then there will be delays in paying you.
    • You agree that all ticketing will be conducted through our dedicated booking system on our website (
    • You agree to have all ticketing sales conducted through our dedicated booking system and through our dedicated door sales.
    • You agree to not mislead us and attempt to sell tickets through other means
    • You agree to advertise all ticket sales through us with the given URL provided to you.
    • You agree to that you will not engage in any deceptive actions including, but not limited to:
      • Providing free tickets to patrons to avoid these fees specified
      • Telling patrons to provide you money to pay for entry in an attempt to avoid these sales
      • Any other actions that may be considered deceptive and have a negative impact on our venue
    • You agree to provide us all the relevant information required to advertise your event including, but not limited to:
      • The date and time of the event
      • Ticket costs
      • Description of the event
      • Relevant marketing materials

  • Additional Conditions
    • We may add additional conditions to your booking when required.
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