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Botanical Tonic Turmeric 300ml

Botanical Tonic Turmeric 300ml

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About Botanical Tonic Turmeric 300ml

With wild orange, ginger, black pepper and jujube berries and live vegan cultures.

These botanical tonics, unlike kombucha, are super low in wild yeasts which give them a much cleaner and subtle flavour, not only this but they are also nicer to your gut.. As yeasts can harm your digestive system.

When looking at fermented drinks be sure to check the ingredient lists.. Some drinks claim to ‘sugar free’ but if they are sweet then maybe ask yourself what's in them to make them so sweet! Many artificial sweeteners are actually worse for you than sugar.. We use no sweeteners in our botanicals, we ferment with organic cane sugar and once the fermentation process is finished they contain no more than 2% residual sugar.

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This product comes in a carton of 9 x 300ml. 

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