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Don Massimo Coffee

Home Compostable Coffee Cups 8oz 1 Colour Design (Single Wall)

Home Compostable Coffee Cups 8oz 1 Colour Design (Single Wall)

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Say hello to your new favourite home compostable cups! The Friendly Cup is made from plant puree and a revolutionary technology that reacts when in contact with liquids. Fully designed to disappear after it's served its purpose.  Pop them in the green bin  / food waste bin and they’ll decompose naturally over time like a piece of fruit!

We produced a range of coffee cups that not only is 100% compostable ( #nogreenwashing here!), but have been created using a unique and versatile pulp material left over from our production process. The result? A truely eco-friendly cup that will decompose within a few weeks in your food waste bin. Learn more about why them here!


  • PLA-Free (no plastic or compostable plastic unlike biocups)
  • Home Compostable Certified
  • Recyclable
  • Leakproof - Holds liquids for days
  • FDA Approved + PFAS Free
  • Tree-Friendly
  • Made from Plant Puree
  • Plastic-Free Packaging
  • Single Wall 

Carton Size: 1000

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