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Katermaster Napkin Cocktail Sugarcane 2ply White - CT of 2000

Katermaster Napkin Cocktail Sugarcane 2ply White - CT of 2000

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Katermaster Cocktail Napkins 1-ply is the preferable choice for the outlet in food service. Made out of sugarcane, these napkins are super soft and have strong water absorbency, making them the perfect complement to a meal or beverage. From an overspilled beer to a cold glass, these classy 2-ply napkins are super absorbent and will easily blend in at any function theme. They are the perfect combination of soft and strong. Handy to have at home for BBQs and gatherings. Sugarcane products are made from bagasse, a by-product from a sugar cane harvest. Fibrous material is a renewable resource made from a waste product, thus reducing waste. Bagasse is processed into paper products using heat, pulp and pressure.

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