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Lime and Yuzu Soda

Lime and Yuzu Soda

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Introducing our refreshing and zesty Lime & Yuzu Soda, a harmonious blend crafted by Fever-Tree to elevate your beverage experience. Sourced from the finest ingredients, this sparkling soda is a symphony of vibrant citrus flavors that dance on your palate.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Citrus Fusion: Immerse yourself in the lively combination of zesty lime and exotic yuzu, creating a perfectly balanced citrus symphony.

  2. Premium Quality Ingredients: Our sodas are made with natural ingredients, including hand-picked limes and yuzu, ensuring a superior taste without artificial additives.

  3. Light and Bubbly: Revel in the effervescence of our perfectly carbonated soda, delivering a crisp and invigorating experience with every sip.

  4. Versatile Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed on its own over ice or as a versatile mixer, our Lime & Yuzu Soda adds a burst of flavour to cocktails, mocktails, and everything in between.

  5. Crafted by Experts: Fever-Tree's commitment to quality shines through in every bottle, with a meticulous crafting process that guarantees an exceptional beverage for your enjoyment.

Elevate your moments with the bold and citrusy goodness of Fever-Tree's Lime & Yuzu Soda – a taste that transcends the ordinary.

Available Sizes:

200ml - available in carton size (24 x 200ml bottles)

500ml - available in carton size (8 x 500ml bottles)

Note About Product: 

Product is ordered into the store when an order is placed. For pick up please wait until you receive a notification that your order is ready. Item needs to be purchased online and is not available in-store

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