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MilkLab Lactose Free - Pallet Storage Deal

MilkLab Lactose Free - Pallet Storage Deal

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Revolutionize Your Savings with Don Massimo Coffee: Buy a Pallet of MilkLab for Massive Discounts and Lightning-Fast On-Demand Delivery!

Experience Unbeatable Savings: Unlock Discounts of Over 20% Compared to Our Competitors, and Get Your Products Exactly When You Need Them. Our Pallet Purchase and Storage Solution Sets the Standard for Innovation in the Market.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase a pallet in bulk.
  2. We'll expertly store it for you.
  3. Whenever you need stock, we'll swiftly ship it to your doorstep! Whether it's one carton or ten, we've got you covered.

Pricing Details:

For pricing information, simply visit our pricing page. Plus, don't forget to inquire about our flexible payment plans, available to eligible customers.

What's Included in This Offer:

Your Pallet Includes 90 Cartons of MilkLab Lactose Free (8 x 1L per carton).

Embrace Ultimate Convenience: Enjoy the added benefit of complimentary storage and free delivery for all your stock requirements.

Contact us at to discuss your order before making your purchase. Get ready to elevate your savings game!

Important Notes:

Pricing is based on Perth Metro customers. This product is not available to customers in regional areas.

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We started this product by accident - we have a customer come to us and say they wanted to buy a pallet but didn't have the storage space. So we came up with a product offering that met our customers demand!

Find out how the pallet storage deal works below!

bulk buy savings without bulk storage headaches


You tell us which pallet storage offer you are interested in. We then put that aside for you and when you need stock (say 10 cartons), we deliver it to you on our usual delivery time frame.

You don't have to worry about anything - just make sure you get your delivery in on time.

be in the know about whats there


You want to know how much is remaining so that you can plan ahead and we'll let you know.

We'll compile a report on your stock levels and we'll even get in contact when you are getting low on products.

If you need to know a bit more urgently, just get in contact with us and we'll let you know in 24 hours.

Further savings incoming


Our pallet storage deal has come a long way since we originally introduced it.

All pallet storage customers get access to savings on a range of other products - from cafe food to packaging.

We've worked out get prices to make sure you're getting the best value for money.

we're making it easier to order


We've made it easier to order from us. Don't worry about having to send an email or place a phone call, we've spent time updating our systems to make sure it's easier than ever to order from us.

We'll set you up with an account through our website where you can place your order 24/7.


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  • Great Savings on Milk

    The Average Customers that purchases the Pallet Storage Deal will save between $600 and $1500 on Alternative Milks! That's money in your pocket.

  • Save More On Everything

    Savings don't stop at Oat Milk - get between a further 10% and 20% off all other products we have available on our website for you to access.

  • Easy Ordering

    Don't worry about having to place an order - you can do it all online and see our prices in real time. No bulky catalogues or hidden prices.



Is This A Real Product?

It's surprising how many times we get asked this question - but yes, this is a real product that we offer.

What Are Delivery Time Frames?

We delivery to all areas of the Perth Metro Monday to Friday however orders need to be placed against our delivery time frames.

The cut off time for orders is 12pm - this gives us enough time to ensure orders are processed.

If you order on a Monday, your delivery will be scheduled for Wednesday (Tuesday for Thursday, Wednesday for Friday, Thursday for Monday, Friday for Tuesday).

We'll treat Saturday and Sunday orders as if they were placed on Mondays.

As There Any Terms On This Product?

There are a few terms that we have had to add due to abuse of this in the past. The Pallet Storage Deal is for your business only - you can't resell the products to other businesses.

We've also put in some delivery limits - we'll deliver what you need for the week of trade and what is reasonable. If you ask us to deliver the whole pallet in one hit, we may decline. We've had people use this product as a way to get savings and on-sell it in the past so we've cracked down on it a bit.

When signing up we'll give you the full terms and conditions to review.

Can Any Business Get This?

We have some restrictions on who can access this product. Get in contact with us so we can discuss.

That's A Lot of Money Up-Front. Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We do - depending on how many pallets you are purchasing we have the option to allow you to enter a payment plan with us over a set amount of weeks.

You'll need to have a credit card on file with us and additionally there may be other fees attached to payment plans.

Get in contact with us to discuss.

I Have More Questions

We have more answers - reach out to us at with your questions and we'll get back to you.

How Do I Get Started?

Start with filling in the form below.

From there, we'll reach out to you and discuss your needs.

Once we're ready to go, we'll take the first payment and you give us 48 hours to set up your account (we use this time to test the pricing and make sure everything is 100%).

I'm Interested in the Pallet Storage Deal!