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Don Massimo Coffee

Remedy KICK Mango Pineapple (12 x 250ml) | Subscription

Remedy KICK Mango Pineapple (12 x 250ml) | Subscription

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If you're looking for an energising pick-me-up without the sugar or guilt, Remedy KICK Mango Pineapple is the drink for you. Made with all-natural ingredients like green coffee bean and ginseng, it's perfect for a mid-afternoon energy boost. And with its delicious tropical flavour, it's like a mini vacation in a can! So next time you're feeling flagging, reach for a Remedy K!CK and enjoy the refreshing taste of mango pineapple goodness.

Sip into paradise and escape the everyday with Remedy K!CK Mango Pineapple. This mouth-watering flavour combo will take you away to a tropical oasis—bursting with the flavour of freshly cut, ripe mangos and pineapple sorbet. Super fruity, fun and oh-so refreshing!

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