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Don Massimo Coffee

Remedy Sodaly Blood Orange (24 x 250ml) | Subscription

Remedy Sodaly Blood Orange (24 x 250ml) | Subscription

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A delightful mix of sweet and tangy citrus flavours, ready to whisk your taste buds away on a Mediterranean adventure! With a playful hint of exotic fruit, each bubbly sip transports you to a sun-kissed paradise. Get ready to indulge in a lively, charming, and oh-so-delicious flavour escapade!

Meet Blood Orange Sodaly, where the sweetness of sun-ripened citrus cheerily dances with a zesty tang that zips across your tongue! Teasing your taste buds, a delightful sprinkle of Mediterranean fruit adds an enchanting twist to this effervescent elixir. Let your senses revel in this charming salsa of flavours that brings pure joy in every refreshing sip, transporting you to a sun-drenched coastal paradise!

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