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Sandalwood Nuts

Sandalwood Nuts

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Grown on the inside of the fruit born from Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) trees, Sandalwood nuts are Australia’s second native nut behind the Macadamia.

Utilised for centuries by Indigenous Australians, Sandalwood nuts were consumed as a cure for rheumatoid arthritis and the oils inside applied topically to skin to aid with inflammatory conditions and body aches.

Today’s research reinforces what was long known by Aboriginal Australians. Sandalwood nut is rich in oils containing ximenynic acid, one of the rarest fatty acids found in the world and hailed as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging superpower. High in protein and fibre, with minimal carbohydrates, the nuts are also extremely high in monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acid – known to increase good cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and eliminate build up in the arteries.


100% natural
No preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours
Gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar
Source of fibre


100% Whole, Dry Roasted Sandalwood Nuts.


Contains nuts

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