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Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion (8 x 280g)

Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion (8 x 280g)

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Introducing Beerenberg's Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion, a tantalising fusion of bold flavours that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Crafted with passion and precision, this exquisite condiment is a symphony of spicy heat and sweet caramelisation, perfect for those who crave an adventurous twist to their barbecue experience.

Our Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion begins with premium, farm-fresh onions, slow-cooked to perfection to achieve a rich, caramelised sweetness. What sets this gourmet delight apart is the infusion of a carefully curated blend of spices that deliver a satisfying kick of heat, adding depth and complexity to every spoonful.

Versatile and easy to use, this condiment is the ideal companion for grilled meats, sandwiches, burgers, and more. Spread it generously on your favourite dish to transform an ordinary meal into a culinary masterpiece. The Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion is crafted with quality ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives, ensuring a pure and authentic taste experience.

Elevate your barbecue game and add a touch of boldness to your kitchen with Beerenberg's Spicy BBQ Caramelised Onion. Order now and savour the perfect blend of sweet and spicy that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Note About Product:

This product comes in a carton of 8 x 280g.

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