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Don Massimo Coffee

Torillas Retail Hanging Pack (12 x 220g)

Torillas Retail Hanging Pack (12 x 220g)

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Our white corn tortillas are created using an ancient Aztek method called Nixtamalization – a delicate process that involves whole corn kernels being soaked overnight & ground into a natural corn dough called masa. We do this under the close supervision of our 4th generation Nixtamal tortilla maker, Isaac, allowing us to achieve a consistent flavour & texture.

This means there is no masa harina (corn flour) in sight, & no preservatives or additives. The result? A healthier,  aromatic & malleable tortilla that adds flavour & depth to any dish. Our tortillas taste like they do in the villages of Mexico & are a staple for many iconic Mexican creations, complementing almost any filling or salsa.

Note About Product:

This product comes in a carton of 12 x 220g.

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