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Holding a birthday party, community event, corporate function or anything else?

Don Massimo Coffee is ready to bring our the good to make the next event even better. With our high quality Colombian Coffee, regardless of what the event is, it will be made even better with the best coffee you'll taste.

With enough notice, we can set up and start providing you with coffee regardless of the event type, coupled with amazing service and great conversations (we're friendly people)!

What is the cost?

You can choose to pre-pay a set amount or have a pay as you go system in place - we'll work with you to figure out a system that will work the best for the event that you are holding. It is best to contact us so we can further discuss with you the cost. 

What Events do we cover?

  • Birthday Parties
  • Community Events
  • Sporting Event
  • Festivals and Fetes

Want more than coffee?

Let us know so we can organise a selection of gourmet sweets and treats from high quality small business suppliers here in Perth.

Depending on the event, we can also offer a retail section with our full range of products for your patrons to browse and purchase.

More Information

This offering is subject to availability and requires a minimum of a three hour booking. There are other terms and conditions attached so please feel free to contact us directly so we can get this organised. We do generally require you to provide us with four weeks notice however never use that as a deterrent to contacting us. Minimum spend is $500.

I want to book/get more information

Contact us at to discuss your needs and we can get working on this for you.

Don Massimo Coffee Ashby, Western Australia