Quality Food for Quality Venues

From Bacon and Egg Bagels to Brisket Rolls, made to order daily our range of cafe food is going to make sure your cabinet runs dry every day!

Check out the menu below!

  • Quality Over Quantity

    Get quality food that isn't mass produced and frozen with only the highest quality ingredients.

  • 7 Day Operation

    You work seven days, we work seven days - we can delivery to most locations seven days so you're always stocked.

  • Made To Order

    Your order is made to order - cooked fresh so that you have quality food every time!



Bacon and Egg Bagel, Breakfast Wrap and Ham and Brie Croissant - those are some of our favour things to enjoy in the morning! Let your customers start their day with amazing food (and coffee)!


Bagels and sandwiches are the best lunch order that anyone can grab - so why not stock up your cabinet with food that will delight your customers and make then come back for more!


Bircher Museli and Chia Pots only need your customers payment and a takeaway spoon. Add them to your food cabinet so your customers can grab and go when they are on the run!


We know you're sweet enough but let's make you even sweeter. Assorted pastries are great additions to any takeaway location. Perfectly paired with a takeaway coffee!

Sausage Rolls Anyone?

Jumbo sized sausage rolls that are big enough to be a full meal. Add a garden salad on the side and serve in-store or takeaway!

You Have Some Questions, We Have Some Answers

Can You Deliver Seven Days A Week?

The kitchen operates seven days a week but delivery is subject to availability and minimum order quantities. Some locations in the Perth metro can't receive seven days delivery. Always check with us before placing your first order.

I Want This For My Deli Section In My Grocery Store, Can We Order?

Of course - get in contact with us so we can discuss.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum order quantities are dependent on your locations and frequency of orders. Get in contact with us to find out more.

Can You Help Me With Pricing?

Yes we can - once you're ready to go, let us know so we can get you some pricing information.

Do You Have Allergy Information?

We do - reach out to us at wholesale@donmassimocoffee.com.au so we can provide that to you.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Of course, we encourage it. Get in contact with us so we can either get you a sample box out or show you everything in store!

I Have A Question Not Listed Here

Reach out to us at wholesale@donmassimocoffee.com.au so we can get you some answers.

Let's Check Out The Menu

Click on the link below and check out what we have on the menu!