Track Your Orders Here

We've utilise PEP Transport for all our deliveries and are making the process a lot easier to track.

With real-time shipping information, tracking based on your order number and a 24/7 call centre - we're making tracking your order easier!

Have a look below in how you can track your order

  • Give Them A Call

    PEP Transports Call Centre is open 24/7 so you can find out where your order is at all times

    Call (08) 6254 0700

  • Send An Email

    Send an email to their customer service with the order reference number:

Questions and Answers

What is my reference number?

Your order reference number is the DMC number that comes with your order.

For example, 'DMC3921' is your reference number for your order

How long does the reference number take to be active?

It takes up to one business day for the reference number to become active in our couriers system.

After that if it hasn't been active get in contact with us and we'll have a look into it.

I called and they said my order was delayed, whats happening?

Sometimes orders can be delayed because our stock levels. Other times orders can be delayed due to all items waiting to arrive in warehouse. Get in contact with us to find out.

PEP Transport can't help, can you help me?

Once the order comes into our system, we send it directly to our courier for them to send it out to customers. If PEP Transport can't help you, get in contact with us so we can see what the issue is.

The order number is not working?

Wait a business day for it to become active. If you contact PEP and the reference isn't working, get back in contact with us and we'll have a look into it.