Cold Pressed To Perfection

Introducing The Juicist - our partnership to provide venues with the highest quality cold press juices available in Perth.

From 250ml to 1 Litre, we stock a range of Cold Press Juices that your customers will love every single day!

Interested in having these for your venue? Get in contact with us at

Collection: 375ml Range Cold Press Juices


What Days Are Deliveries?

Cold Press Juices are delivered twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What Is The Cut Off Time For Ordering?

For Tuesday delivery, orders have to be in by 1pm on the previous Sunday.

For Friday delivery, orders have to be in by 1pm on the previous Wednesday.

Late orders may not be accepted.

What Is The Shelf Life?

The shelf life of all cold press juices is seven days.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity for Wholesale?

The minimum order quantity of all cold press juices is $150 for delivery.

Orders that are pick up do not have a minimum order quantity.

Can I Purchase These For Home?

Yes you can. Unfortunately at this time these are only available as pick up so you'll need to come into the store to collect.