Dairy Milk Products For All Types of Venues

From Full Cream Dairy to Lactose Free Hi-Lo, we have the full range of Harvey Fresh products available to buy online!

Whether you need cows milk for your cafe or cheese and butter for your sandwiches, we have a range of premium products that are ready for your venue to make sure your customers are always happy!

Want to get this for your venue? Contact us at wholesale@donmassimocoffee.com.au.

Collection: Fruit Juice


What Days Are Deliveries?

Delivery schedules are subject to your location. When signing you up for an account we'll let you know your delivery days.

What Is The Cut Off Time For Ordering?

All orders must be received by us by 12pm daily for next delivery slot.

How Do I Set Up An Account?

Get in contact with us at wholesale@donmassimocoffee.com.au and we'll guide you through the process.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity for Wholesale?

The minimum order quantity for delivery is 4 crates.

Can I Purchase These For Home/Without An Account?

Yes - but you'll need to pick these up in-store. We can only offer delivery for customers with an approved account and we cannot deliver to customers home addresses.

I Currently Get Harvey Fresh, Can I Get It From You Instead?

No - we are only able to service new customers.

What Happens When You're Out Of Stock?

When a product is out of stock, we'll try to let you know with as much notice. What we may do sometimes automatically is provide a substitute product if available or not ship the product at all.

Is There Wholesale Pricing On This?

Yes - we offer wholesale pricing on all Harvey Fresh products. Contact us to set up a wholesale account.