Collection: Pieeseful Bees Honey

Piesseful Bees Honey is a family-owned and operated business located in the picturesque countryside of Western Australia. Their honey is a true reflection of their passion and dedication to the art of beekeeping.

The company was founded by John Piesse, who has been a beekeeper for over 50 years. He started with just a few hives and gradually expanded his operations, eventually establishing Piesseful Bees Honey. Today, the business is run by John, his son Richard, and their team of experienced beekeepers.

Piesseful Bees Honey takes pride in their sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices. They believe in the importance of preserving the natural environment and strive to minimise their impact on the ecosystem. Their bees are kept in hives that are located in pristine locations throughout the region, including the forests and bushlands of the South West.

The honey produced by Piesseful Bees Honey is of the highest quality. The company uses only traditional methods to extract and package their honey, ensuring that the natural goodness of the honey is preserved. Their honey is available in a range of flavours, including Jarrah, Redgum, and Wildflower, each with its unique taste and aroma.

Piesseful Bees Honey is committed to providing their customers with a premium quality product. They offer personalised service and take great care to ensure that every jar of honey is of the highest standard. Their honey is available for purchase online or at various markets and specialty stores throughout Western Australia.

Overall, Piesseful Bees Honey is a company that is deeply rooted in the art of beekeeping and is committed to providing their customers with the best possible honey. With their dedication to sustainable practices and their focus on quality, Piesseful Bees Honey is a company that stands out in the crowded honey market.

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