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At Turban Chopsticks, we're passionate about the food we create. Our commitment to quality, allergen-friendly ingredients, and support for local businesses sets us apart.

  • Quality Matters: Our products feature the finest, natural ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Handmade locally in small batches, our offerings range from slow-cooked curry sauces to hand-roasted spice blends.

  • Allergen-Friendly: We never use shrimp pastes, dairy, or fish sauce, making our products safe for those with allergies or gluten intolerance. Our dedication to clean ingredients ensures you're serving your family wholesome food without fillers or additives.

  • Food for All: Turban Chopsticks caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options. We're here to satisfy even the pickiest eaters, making our food suitable for everyone.

  • Local Sourcing: We proudly source our fresh ingredients from local WA farmers, supporting our region's agriculture. From onions and basil to coriander and tomatoes, our commitment to local sourcing extends to every aspect of our business, including branding and packaging design by our local friends at Dessein. When you choose Turban Chopsticks, you're not just supporting us; you're also supporting the local businesses of our incredible suppliers.

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