Information About Subscriptions

Thank you for considering a subscription with Don Massimo Coffee - our range of subscriptions are designed to give you the best value for money at all times.

Have a read through the information below so you understand the product you are signing up to. Remember if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

What Subscription Frequencies do you offer?

We offer the following subscription frequencies for our customers:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

What Discount Do I Get For Subscriptions?

The discount you receive is based on the frequency of your subscription. Please refer to the product page to see what discount we offer.

How long is the terms of my subscription?

All subscriptions are offered on 12 month subscriptions from the first payment to the last.

When does my subscription start/payment taken?

Weekly and Fortnightly subscriptions start on the following Monday and payment is taken on that day.

Monthly subscriptions are taken on the 1st day of the month.

You'll receive an email the day before a payment is taken to remind you.

How long after payment can I get my order?

For customers on a subscription that is local pick up, please wait to receive a confirmation email from us that tells you your order is ready for pick up.

For all delivery customers, you will receive an email with a tracking number once your order is processed.

The current delivery time frames are as follows:

  • Perth Metro: 1 - 2 Business Days
  • Perth Regional: 3 - 5 Business Days
  • All Other States/Territories Metro: 4 - 8 Business Days
  • All Other States/Territories Regional: 10 - 15 Business Days

What happens if my card declines?

If your card declines we will automatically try to charge your card the next day for up to five days. After this your subscription will be cancelled.

Can I get a further discount?

We offer a competitive discount on all subscription orders. We may from time to time offer additional discounts to customers on these subscription plans including discounts on first payments or recurring payments. We do not offer ad hoc discount codes when requested.

Do you deliver everywhere?

We are able to provide delivery to most of Australia however if you live in a regional or remote area we recommend you contact us first before placing an order as there are some exceptions to this.

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery in Western Australia is $5 a carton as of the 7th January 2024.

The cost of delivery to all other states and territories is $10 a carton as of the 7th January 2024.

Can I pick up my order instead?

Save on shipping and pick up your order in store. You won't pay for shipping and can even pick up a takeaway coffee.

If I pick up my order, can I get more milk for the same price?

No - the pricing on subscriptions is online only and is available in-store.

What products are available for subscription?

Right now we only offer our range of Alternative Milks for subscriptions - this may change in the future.

I want to get other products but it won't ship to my location - why is that?

We offer our milk subscription for delivery Australia wide - however some products we can't deliver to certain locations or deliver at all. If your shipping address is eligible for delivery for a subscription order but not for any other products, we will only be able to ship your subscription order and unable to ship the rest of your order.

Why is shipping cheaper on a subscription order than other orders?

The convenience of the subscription offer allows us to have locked in pricing on shipping that isn't available for one off orders. 

I want to cancel/pause my order

If you wish to cancel your order or pause it please contact us at Please note that we are unable to cancel subscriptions within 24 hours of the next payment or that are currently in contract.

How many pauses can I have on my plan?

We offer up to 50% of the billing frequency as pauses. 

For a Monthly Plan you can pause it up to 6 times.

For a Fortnightly Plan you can pause it up to 13 times.

For a Weekly Plan you can pause it up to 26 times.

I cancelled my plan and I want to sign up again - but the price has changed?

We review pricing based on a number of factors, from time to time we may raise prices without notice. If you sign up for a subscription and then cancel it, then attempt to sign up again - the new pricing will apply to you.

I have a business, can I sign up to this plan?

Yes - reach out to us at to sign up to a subscription plan. We will provide you with all the relevant information.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

For all other questions regarding subscriptions, please email us at

Whilst we do have a store number, staff in store may be unable to assist you with your query.